With People's Choice Awards, Majority Rule and Creativity Are Mainstays

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Comparing The People's Choice Awards to more prestigious award ceremonies is a little hard to do, especially when you consider that they have categories such as, 'Favorite TV Gal Pals' or 'Favorite On-Screen Chemistry'. Reminds me more of the MTV Movie awards than say the Oscars or Grammys.

Even though the People's Choice Awards are not really time honored or thought of as an elite honor, I do have to give them some credit for creativity and keeping up with the times and technology of the day. For instance, in this year's 2014 awards season, categories exist like 'Favorite Competition TV Show' and 'Favorite Premium Cable TV Show'... these awards were not even a thing back when this competition started in 1975.

The People's Choice Awards have been keeping their categories current and fresh since the beginning. That's one thing that sets them apart and makes the winners and nominees appreciate receiving a trophy from them. It's probably pretty cool to see a category like 'Favorite Sci-Fi Show' (a category created in 2008 with the popularity of shows like that year's winner, 'Stargate Atlantis') all of the sudden on the roster simply because a few sci-fi works of media made a splash and they wanted to honor that. So poof, a new category created.

Another thing that sets this awards ceremony apart is the voting process. It's called the 'People's Choice' Awards for a reason; fans dictate the winners. A panel (from Entertainment Weekly) still comes up with a list of nominees and categories. But the winners are decided by a fan vote, majority decision. And fans have the ability to write in their own nominees as well. This model does well in eliminating the politics that so clearly influence other awards shows (I'm looking at you, Oscars). Back in '75 and all the way up to 2005, Gallup polls were how fans voted. Since then, voting has moved to the internet.

The 2014 People's Choice Awards just happened. Awards are given out in all the major entertainment industries, being Film, TV and Music. Here are some notable categories and winners:

Favorite Movie - Iron Man 3
Favorite Movie Actor - Johnny Depp
Favorite Movie Actress - Sandra Bullock
Favorite Dramatic Movie - Gravity
Favorite Comedic Movie - The Heat

Favorite Network TV Comedy - The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Network TV Drama - The Good Wife
Favorite Cable TV Drama - The Walking Dead
Favorite Cable TV Comedy - Psych
Favorite Premium Cable TV Show - Homeland

Favorite Pop Artist - Britney Spears
Favorite Country Artist - Taylor Swift
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Favorite R&B Artist - Justin Timberlake
Favorite Band - One Direction

For the full official list of nominees and winners, visit People's Choice Awards.
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