Super Bowl XLIX: The Commercials, The Politics, The Drama

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Seattle Seahawks mascot and cheerleaders at Super Bowl XLVIII. By: Anthony Quintano

The Commercials

First off, the commercials. Everyone loves the Super Bowl commercials; some even more than the game itself. So to all you Super Bowl ad lovers out there, I have a great resource for you: to watch every Super Bowl commercial you could ever wish to see, broken down into all kinds of nifty categories, visit:

Super Bowl Ads Database

And now, onto the hype and drama. In Super Bowl XLIX, we will see the New England Patriots and their high flying offensive attack square off against the Seattle Seahawks and their vaunted 'Legion of Boom' defense. Should be a good game, if not an epicly great game. And there certainly is hype for this year's Super Bowl. In fact, this might be the most hyped, most talked about, most viewed Super Bowl in American history.

This game is a big deal for everyone involved, and not just for the players on the field. My mind turns to the economics behind the scenes, the commercials that are trying to re-brand past mistakes and right all the wrongs perpetrated throughout a controversial year, and the political campaign funds that have been spent by each franchises' pocketbook.

For the ads that are aiming for re-brand, allow me to share a few, and give a taste of what you have in store for Super Bowl Sunday, sans the game itself.

First and foremost, No More's campaign on domestic violence. This will be the very first ad EVER to address the issue during a Super Bowl. And what a year to pick to double down on the message. The ad below speaks for itself. ... A 30 second version will be the one that airs though during the game.

In a time where Ray Rice beats up his now wife in an elevator, caught on film, and the NFL completely drops the ball on investigating and properly handing the situation, this ad comes at just the right time. The NFL is trying to right the wrongs of not just the Ray Rice case, but of all the NFL players ever involved in domestic violence of any kind, from assault to rape to belittling the opposite sex in anyway whatever. ... It's a steep mountain to climb.

Which brings us to a few more ads, aiming to re-brand the message that folks take away from the game. This year, both women and fathers specifically will get a better representation than years prior.

Fathers will be especially featured during the commercial breaks. From Dove to Toyota and a few in between, these companies know that Fatherhood and the warrior dad have been marginalized, and it's high time to right that wrong. So, you will see several ads showcasing great dads, and their impact on the world.

And there is also a feeling in the air of reminding everyone that women and young girls should not be marginalized either. At least a few ads will focus squarely on putting out a much more positive, empowering message to the world at large:

The Politics

Sport franchises giving money to political campaigns have been a thing since either existed. And this year was no different. Interesting of note, the New England Patriots reign supreme in donating the most of any other team in the league in campaign contributions, totaling a whopping $153,900 for the 2012-2014 election cycles. The Seattle Seahawks have only given $32,900. If you are interested in how all that played out, where the money actually went, and from who in what organization, check out this great breakdown here: PATRIOTS LEAD SEAHAWKS — IN POLITICAL DONATIONS

Economics also plays a large part in any Super Bowl, and this year is no different. Imagine the amount of cash that influxes into your city, if chosen to host the big game. We are talking big bucks. This year, Arizona was the lucky town once again. How much do they stand to make this year, all told? Well, if you believe their own website... roughly $500 million! Read all about their Economic Impact From The Super Bowl here.

The Drama

Lastly, but certainly not least in the eyes of bloggers everywhere, the drama. Katy Perry and the Halftime show should be enough, in and of itself, to fill this category. Not only is she aiming to disrupt the big performance by taking a stab at her arch rival Taylor Swift, but she also has a 'surprise' guest performer that promises to bring the show to a whole other level. And both the NFL and Perry are doing a great job so far of not spilling the beans there.

But that's all the sideshow stuff, right? The commercials, the halftime show, the politics, the economics, the re-brandings, the efforts to right wrongs.. all of that doesn't mention football once, does it? What about the big game? Well, it will be on full display, and also talked about endlessly for weeks to come. No worries there. Just thought it apt to remind and recant on how much is going on and at stake during Super Bowl XLIX, aside from a simple winner and loser. Should be a great game though, I imagine. And my imagination wants to document a guess at the final score: Patriots 31 - Seattle 27.

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