What's More Bipartisan Than Having an Educated Public?

President Obama visits a pre-kindergarten classroom in Decatur, GeorgiaBy: Pete Souza
Is college a right or a privilege? If President Obama has his way then it will soon be a right for every single high school graduate in this country regardless of income or social class. The premise is simple: extend the already guaranteed number educational years every student is eligible to receive by two. Instead of the guaranteed K-12, students would now be guaranteed an Associates Degree if they are willing to work for it.

The plan is based largely off of a program called 'Tennessee Promise' and would provide for two years of free tuition at a community college as long as a student is holding a C+ average, is making steady progress towards their degree, and attending school at least half-time. Many other cities and states have similar programs, but the President's proposal would make it universal throughout the country.

President Obama unveiled his proposal in a video earlier today:

It is generally understood that a high school degree is no longer suitable for the vast majority of careers in today's ever changing world. Now, if the President is able to convince Congress to go along with his plan, every single high school graduate will have the ability to pursue an Associates Degree at no cost.

The fact that President Obama made his announcement in one of the reddest states in the Union should not be brushed over. Modeling his plan off of a deeply conservative states initiative shows that education is one of the few bipartisan issues that brings together both Democrats and Republicans.

What is more vital to a prosperous nation than having an educated public? Let's join together and agree that every single student should have a right to attain a college degree. This isn't a Democratic issue, nor is it a Republican issue. This is an American issue.
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eternal flame
eternal flameDon't Let it Be Forgot, its name was CAMELOT

2619 days ago
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It is a sad fact that it is NOT a bipartisan issue, when you see that Repubs control states where education is not truly respected & many people are basically illiterate. The less informed most people are, the more likely they will vote Republican. That is just a TRUTH of modern U.S. politics. And most people who listen to Rushbo types are guaranteed to be brain-washed fools. You cannot educate the people who are brain-washed everyday on right-wing Talk-Show radio.
When I first heard of Obama's plan, I thought he was a bit crazy. After reading your article, though, it's pretty clear that the idea is a stroke of genius.

There are only 7 states that are "reddder" than Tennessee. Even Texas has a lower Cook Partisan Voting Index than Tennessee. Not only does Tennessee have a Republican governor and a legislature that is totally Republican, it also has Republicans in a strong majority position in the U.S. Congress.
Well said. I really hope this happens. Continued education shouldn't be so out of reach for so many.