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Tue Nov 11, 2014 19:11:21PM | Categories:
This is a test blog.

Adding a quote 

This is a quote

Adding an indented quote
This is my indented quote
Look at how quote is showing up as misspelled. I think it still thinks I'm in the quote section.** That's the only problem I've come across so far. 

Spelecheck is working. I can right click on the misspelled word and choose from a list.

This is a great article about veterans
 The link works.

Thumbs Up:-P Emoticons work

This was a great interview.

I received a warning when I tried to close out this tab. I chose to stay on the page, but I could have left it. 

The preview looks perfect, as well.

I can select any category I type. I can also delete them all. Don't worry--I didn't actually save any. 

Bold Italic


So my only issue is moving from the quote box.
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