Three Reasons The Midterm Elections Should be a Referendum on President Obama

President Obama reacting to the House of Representatives passing the Affordable Care ActBy: Pete Souza
We have seen this story play out in countless midterm elections before. Members of the party the President belongs to run as far away from him as possible and members of the opposition try to tie members of the President's party to him at every turn. It's happened before and it will happen again, but I can't help but scratch my head and wonder why it seems to be working once again this time around.

It's easy to get caught up in the 'what is he doing for me now' mentality when thinking about this or any President. We Americans do struggle to focus on the bigger picture, especially with the seemingly never ending election season, but that doesn't mean we can forget what President Obama has done for our nation.

Perhaps we should all remind ourselves of some of the major accomplishments of this Presidency and contemplate whether a Republican Senate would have helped him achieve any of these:

President Obama, more than any President since LBJ, has expanded the civil and human rights of all citizens in this country. It started with his insistence on repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and culminated in convincing the Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. Gay marriage is the law of the land in 32 states and will likely be legal in all fifty before the end of his Presidency. LGBT rights have also been greatly expanded after receiving added protections in the recently amended Violence Against Women Act.

President Obama lived up to his promise of bringing our troops home. We had tens of thousands of soldiers occupying two counties when President Obama took over in early 2009. He promised us that he would bring our soldiers back home and he has kept that promise. He has fundamental changed the way we use our military and we no longer have thousands of our soldiers in harms way fighting wars that can not be won by occupation. Did I also forget to mention that he ordered the raid that killed the person responsible for the deaths of thousands of American citizens?

President Obama and the Democratic Party kept our economy from falling off the cliff. Our financial system was in a free fall when President Obama took office and his policies helped pull us back from the brink. A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now in place to protect the average citizen from being taken advantage of by the financial sector. These protections are now the law of the land

These are just a few of President Obama's countless accomplishments. I encourage you to look over a comprehensive list of his accomplishments HERE.

This election should be a referendum on President Obama and we liberals need to remind ourselves of the countless accomplishments this President is responsible for before we decide to stay home this November. From fighting for human and civil rights to saving our economy from falling into the abyss, President Obama has fought for us. He has fought to make this a better country than the one he inherited in early 2009 and he has succeeded in that endeavor. Now it's time for us to show him how thankful we are. Get out and vote!

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