pee test the dead beats too then

Thu Oct 30, 2014 07:22:41AM
Governor Walker of WI wants drug testing for anyone on government assistance, this isn't just for welfare cases, this is for people filing for unemployment as well, a fact the main stream media here keeps hid, most believe Walker's pee test is just for welfare, not for people on unemployment too. Of course I am against this, I am against any type of testing of ones body fluids, these are a persons private parts the system has no right to, but got away with it at the work place first and now wants more. OK then, it is clear the system doesn't care about freedoms, only money. So this being the case, if people can be tested at work and now tested at home if they want to collect unemployment, why are the dead beat moms that live off of their child's child support not being drug tested as well? They are collecting moneys, according to the systems history, this being the case then the dead beat moms need to be tested too! If there was ever a majority member that could benefit from drug test, these children of dead beat moms surly would be the first. But not going to happen, the system only cares about it's moneys not the majority's, and only cares to use privacy violations when it come to them, not when it comes to a dad supporting a dead beat mom.
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Mike Eproht
Mike EprohtThe Good Toad
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2104 days ago
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Governor Walker is a fiscal idiot! It is financially unfeasible to drug test everyone! This is just another ruse to draw our attention away from the BIG money like corporate tax loopholes and $100K tax breaks for the wealthy, not to mention $25Billion dollars to shut the government down!
2108 days ago
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Violations of the 3rd Amendment. Right to Privacy. Violation of 4th Amendment. Unwarranted Search. AND Violation of 5th Amendment. Self-Incrimination.

Small government indeed.
2108 days ago
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For a party that bills itself as Constitutional purists, they sure don't understand our Constitution very much...
It's funny that someone like Governor Walker says he's all about small government, but then comes up with really intrusive stuff like this. Make no mistake, he likes big government, just his version of it.
2108 days ago
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Couldn't have said it better myself! I genuinely don't understand how a party that bills itself as the epitome of fiscal responsibility can be for such wasteful spending, let alone the obvious violations of our civil liberties and Constitutional rights.