The Top 5 States Spending The Most On TV Campaign Ads

Wed Oct 29, 2014 16:54:33PM

Money and politics are interchangeable; a sentiment coming more and more true with every passing election. It's not pretty. Usually its downright infuriating. But it's true. He or she that can raise the most dollar bills, and insert that pile of cash into their campaign has a great chance of buying any given election.

I will throw in one monkey wrench though: social media and the internet at large. That is the one tool that political campaigns can use to their advantage to circumvent the awesome head start that sheer millions gives, equaling out an otherwise completely unfair race with the miracle of 'viral'. The double whammy though is a campaign with great social marketing AND all the cash as well.

With that being said, I wanted to highlight the top 5 states that are spending the most in this midterm election cycle on television advertisements, as I think it says a lot and shows where the country's elite are throwing their cash around (for a myriad of reasons). I believe it highlights vulnerability, and showcases which states wield the most national influence and power. Also, which states are a virtual coin flip come November 4th.

1. Florida. $81.8 Million.

Broken down into who is spending this money, there are 3 categories:

The candidates themselves.
The political parties (Dems or GOP Party)
Political groups (donors, c-pacs, etc)

In Florida's case, $61.2 Million are coming from the political parties. $14.6 Million are from political donors. And only $6 Million are from the candidates themselves.

2. Texas. $62 Million.

Candidates - A whopping $61.6 Million from them alone. Almost all of it.
Political Parties - nothing.
Donors - $405,400

3. Illinois. $61 Million.

Candidates - $53 Million.
Political Parties - nothing.
Donors - $8 Million.

4. Pennsylvania. $51.9 Million.

Candidates - $47.1 Million.
Political Parties - $563,100.
Donors - $4.2 Million.

5. New York. $30.2 Million.

Candidates - $18.2 Million.
Political Parties - $10.7 Million.
Donors - $1.3 Million.

The takeaway from this is if you live in any of these five states, you should be aware of just how much the big spenders are dumping into these campaigns, and dig into why this is happening, in any given state. Can your vote be bought? Does it just take massive advertising campaigns to buy your state? Or can we as a collective from ALL the states simply look past this money dump into ads and campaigns, and see through to the human beings running for election, and vote with our common sense, and our gut on just who will serve our given state the best for the next handful of years. We all have a choice to make come November 4th. Let's not let the amount of money spent directly equate to who wins these elections.

To see spending for all 50 states, check out this wonderful tracker by 'The Center for Public Integrity' that made this blog post possible:

State Ad Wars Tracker
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