Waving The White Flag Won't Win You This Election, Mr. Foley

The white flag; the universal symbol of surrender and truce.By: Jan Jacobsen
"Sometimes I can't believe the things you say, Tom. So let's talk about the specifics." That was a response by current Governor Dannel Malloy to his running mate (R) Tom Foley, during their CBA debate to decide the next governor for Connecticut. And I think that line sums up well the feel of this gubernatorial race.

On one side, you have Dannel Malloy, speaking clearly, openly and precisely about the specifics of what he has done for the state of Connecticut, as well as what he intends to do if re-elected for four more years. And then you have would-be Governor Foley, poking and prodding at the current Governor, criticizing him at every turn with the weak and vague argument of 'Well, I would have done it better if it were me'. I swear during the debate I just watched between the two, Foley must've said a version of that line at least a dozen times. It is his go to, default argument. Not specific. Just vague, empty, wholly rhetorical and altogether negative, offering no solution whatsoever.

That's where I get confused and wish to call the would-be Governor Foley out on his hypocrisy. Foley spends a lot of time calling out Malloy during this debate (and during his entire campaign really). The both of them have gotten personal at times actually, digging into each other's past, and bringing up undisclosed arrests (Foley) and political controversies (Malloy). Neither campaign has been above bashing the other's character or record of life decisions, political or not. Which makes me laugh that during this debate Foley actually calls for a truce of sorts. He waves a white flag on the personal attacks all of the sudden, asking very coyly for Governor Malloy to sign a theoretical truce contract (that he supposedly drew up before the debate and brought with him). Here's what Foley had to say on that, in its entirety:

Foley: (fast forwarded in the link so you can get right to the part in the debate) "Listen, I think negative attacks reflect the personality of the candidate. And what people will and won't do. I think it tells you something about the values and principles of underlying personality and temperment of the candidate. I think what Governor Malloy has done here [points to Malloy] is cheapened the debate. And I think it's insulting to Connecticut voters. I offered it the last debate, a truce. And I'm still offering a truce, Governor. The Governor wasn't big enough to respond directly to me. He responded through, I guess, one of his aides. But Governor, I have a contract right here with me tonight for a truce. Just on personal attacks Sir, and on things that aren't true... maybe you could tell everybody here today why you aren't willing to limit yourself to things that are true, and things that are not personally related to the issues that matter to Connecticut?"

Problem is, you don't have to try hard at all to prove that Foley is being a hypocrite on this issue. For starters, check out the attack ads Foley has approved, that go directly after Malloy. These are just a few; there are many more:

Tom Foley For Connecticut - Truth

Tom Foley For Connecticut - Hurting

Tom Foley For Connecticut - Angry Dan

Secondly, right after Foley calls for this farce of a truce, that Malloy wisely doesn't even directly acknowledge, Foley goes directly back to the tactic of 'Well.. If it were me, I would have done better' with multiple, perhaps dozens of statements that would have directly violated the supposed truce in the first place, proving that he is pulling a stunt, trying to bait the Governor.

And lastly on the whole truce ploy, I believe it's clear that Foley isn't above personal attacks. The only reason he wanted to wave the white flag is because he can't beat Malloy head to head; Malloy's character and record are both better than his. Plus, to top it all off, this race already happened between these two candidates back in 2010, and Malloy beat Foley already, straight up in a close race. So, Malloy has already proven that Connecticut would rather have him than Foley. The simple fact that Foley is running again proves the GOP have nothing to offer Connecticut, except someone that got close last time, that's willing to bash Malloy at every turn, and then throw up his hands in fake truce pose the moment things get too real.

For more information on either candidate:

Contact Dannel Malloy - Email, Office Information & Websites

Contact Thomas Foley - Email, Office Information & Websites

Get involved if you live in Connecticut!! This race is a virtual coin flip, and literally every single vote will matter!

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