Battleground Georgia: Newcomers Playing Key Role In Overall Race For Senate Control

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In a state that has been reliably red in the last decade's worth of elections, this mid term Georgia Senate race has some newcomers that can really shake things up, and give an all important tally win, either red or blue, in the battleground for overall Senate control.

Historically, its true that the President's party doesn't do well in the mid-terms. Being POTUS is in many cases a thank-less job, and has career campaign specialists chomping at the bit leading up to the debates, ready to unleash an arsenal of talking points that show all the unpopular things that Obama has ever done are in line with whoever the Democrats are putting on the ballot. "Obama and XYZ are basically the same" GOP ads are saying all across the country. And, right or wrong, with Obama's favorability a little shaky right now, it's proven a decent enough strategy.

Then there's the Georgia Senate race. The Republican and the Democratic nominee are both newcomers, meaning they haven't yet held public office. Inexperienced, without career records of standing with, or opposing any Obama administration politics. So suddenly the universal mid-term go to routine that XYZ candidate isn't good for your state because they side with Obama goes out the window. No voting record means this race has to follow more in-line with actual talking points, as opposed to easy, slanderous and ad hominem, straw man logic (that honestly is lazy and is getting very old, very fast with voters).

David Perdue (R) and Michelle Nunn (D) are both running for Senate in Georgia. And the race is a virtual tie at this point, with any given poll on any given day giving a point favor in either direction. On one hand, you can elect the inexperienced David Perdue, largely running on the platform of anti-Obama and Republican values. Or inexperienced Michelle Nunn, largely running on her non-profit prowess, change and to a lesser extent her family name, as that helps her because the demographic in Georgia is changing in her favor.

So there you have it. One experienced person or the other? Looks like we are going to have to actually pay attention to what the candidates in this race really have to say on key issues, as opposed to just lumping one for Obama, and the other against.

With the Senate majority literally up for grabs in this election cycle, both parties need any and every victory they can muster. Winning Georgia will be a crucial victory for either side, and could actually determine overall control for the entire Senate; it'll be that close. .... All the more reason to get out and vote on Nov 4th!

To learn more about either candidate, here's some good starting points:

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