New Hampshire Should Disown Brown for Senate Before He Beats Them to It

President Obama with Scott Brown in the Oval OfficeBy: Pete Souza
How difficult is it to remember what state you work in and who your current employer is? My guess is that nearly everyone in this country knows the answer to these two simple questions, but you can add Scott Brown to the list of individuals who has difficulty answering them. Brown, who is currently running for Senate in New Hampshire, recently filed a document with the Federal Election Commission stating that his current occupation is that of a Massachusetts state senator. This is rather confusing because Scott Brown resigned from the Massachusetts senate after being elected to the United States Senate in 2010. Well over four years ago.

This could be forgiven if it were the first time Brown made a mistake like this, but it seems as if Brown routinely forgets what state he's trying to represent. While criticizing Senator Jeanne Shaheen's stances on immigration in an interview with the Boston Herald this summer, Brown said the people of Massachusetts know better than to go along with her. Brown's foot-in-mouth moment is indicative of just how difficult it is to run for the same office in multiple states.

Scott Brown swept onto the national scene in 2010 and shocked Washington and the nation when he won a special election to replace the late liberal icon Ted Kennedy. He took advantage of a complacent Democratic party who was still in shock from losing their beloved Senator and overwhelmed an opponent who seemed to forget she was running for a seat in the Senate. The perfect storm catapulted Brown into the Senate and thwarted the Democrats super majority.

It didn't take long for Massachusetts to realize the mistake they made and booted Brown out of office less than two years after he was elected, opting instead for the phenomena that is Elizabeth Warren. Everyone thought they saw the last of Brown in politics and no one was surprised when he joined Fox News as a paid contributor. He could have lived a very successful life acting like a moderate on the staunchly conservative channel, but Brown had other plans. He decided to escape north and find a new 'home' in New Hampshire so he could run for Senate again.

Even with all of his flubs, Brown has somehow found himself within striking distance of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. It difficult to understand how a professional candidate from Massachusetts can relocate to a new state and somehow find himself in a close race with a well liked and popular Senator who has deep roots in the state of New Hampshire. This, more than anything else, shows how money and name recognition can help you overcome even the biggest odds.

We can not make the same mistake of electing Scott Brown twice. It wouldn't be for only two years this time around, so there wouldn't be much we could do if we get buyers remorse a second time around. It's time to rally around Senator Shaheen and get her across the finish line. We can help her out by reminding the people of New Hampshire of everything she has done for both them and the country. From being instrumental in crafting legislation calling for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell to helping to make sure healthcare is a universal right in this country, Senator Shaheen has been on the right side of the issues and deserves to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate for six more years.

Read through Senator Shaheen's voting record and issue positions HERE.

Then spread the word and help get her across the finish line this November. It is the right thing for New Hampshire and the right thing for the country.
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You may be sure I'll be voting against this phony but unfortunately he has an excellent chance of winning as much of NH tends to believe anything his type has to say and he will say anything he believes will get him elected. I'm looking forward to Elisabeth Warren coming to NH to support Jeanne Shaheen in the near future, I hope she rubs Brown's nose in his loss to her!