Scott Walker Will Lose This Election If This One Simple Thing Happens

Pro-choice demonstratorsBy: internets_dairy
What will it take to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the upcoming mid-term election? In short, female voter turnout. Because, you see, there's a gender divide on the two running candidates when it comes to the polling, and its significant.

In Wisconsin, polling shows a consistent divide with men v women on who they will vote for, come November 4th, as Scott Walker is running against Democrat businesswoman Mary Burke. Via

Polls show a wide gender gap in the race, with women backing Burke 54% to 40% over Walker, while men favor the incumbent 62-34 percent in the last Marquette poll.

Certainly makes sense. Walker is pro-life, and has been loud and proud about it every since he got into office. He has championed legislation in a strong attempt to outlaw abortions in his state as much as he possibly can. To this point, he has delivered a significant blow to women's rights on this issue, making it much harder for women to realistically have abortions. It's no surprise that women in general would like to get rid of him.

And then there was the union debacle a few year's back that nationally pitted Walker against not only female teachers, but all Wisconsin workers in general, and leaves me confused as to why anyone would want to re-elect the guy after it all. Following the union protests against Walker's attempts to do away with unions in his state, people were so angry with him that they tried to recall his entire election. Walker narrowly got out of that recall alive, to save his job. And it's a wonder to me that he not only kept it, but is now running for re-election, and has a 50/50 chance of winning again.

As of now, the race is very close, projecting Walker with the slightest of leads. But in truth, its a dead heat. And this all important race to become the next governor of Wisconsin will undoubtedly come down to the simplest of election factors: voter turnout. If women, minorities and union workers turn out to the voting booth, and vote in favor of themselves, and who will best represent them and their state for the next four years, Walker will lose. And Wisconsin will make history by having its first female Governor ever.
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2774 days ago
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Scott and Marry
Crazy isn't it in WI, our 2 choices for governor. Think about it, Mary is the rich that Scott works for..
2776 days ago
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Wisconsin is one of those states that baffles me. They voted overwhelmingly for Obama both times, but somehow accept having a far right wing Governor who waged a war on the states poor. This is a state government who wants to make it far more difficult for a woman to exercise her Constitutional right of receiving an abortion. And don't even get me started on the union busting.

Wisconsin will turn blue again if the base comes out and votes. Republicans only win elections when there is low voter turnout. That's a really sad way to win elections, but it's been their plan of action for decades now.