Senator Udall Has Earned Six More Years; Here's How we Can Make That Happen

Senator Udall speaking at the 2011 Energy Innovation SumitBy: ENERGY.GOV
Colorado has a choice to make in 2014. Will they go with a reliably liberal Democrat who has been instrumental in fighting for marriage equality, women's rights, clean energy, and a fair tax code? How about a Senator who helped make sure that all Coloradans were able to access affordable health care, regardless of preexisting condition or other factors? And you can't forget that he helped lead the drive to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' back in 2010. Or will Colorado go the other way and decide they want a Senator who want to repeal Obamacare, is beholden to the Koch Brothers, and wants to return to the days where the rich pay fewer taxes at the expense of the middle class?

If Elizabeth Warren has anything to say about it, we will be seeing Senator Mark Udall for six more years. The liberal icon campaigned with Senator Udall this past weekend to help garner up support for a seat that Democrats can not afford to lose in the November election. Warren reminded voters of what they will be voting for in November, which is a liberal Democrat who will fight for the people of Colorado, or a tea party Republican who will “work for those who are rich, those who are powerful, those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers.”

Senator Udall's legislative accomplishments throughout his six years in the Senate and decade in the House of Representative speak for themselves. His greatest accomplishment, in my humble opinion, is being at the forefront of the DODT repeal act as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This achievement got the ball rolling on the marriage equality phenomena currently sweeping across this great nation. If DODT wasn't repealed then we may not reveling at the lightning speed of states recognizing an individuals right to marry whomever they love. We can all thank Senator Udall for helping to begin that process.

Udall's opponent in this race has conducted his campaign in the tried and true method of using fear of the unknown as a motivating factor to galvanize the base. Representative Gardner will have you think that the world is falling apart, ISIS is on our doorstep, Ebola is wreaking havoc, and that the only way to fix all of this would be to elect him to the Senate. I know the people of Colorado are smarter than that. Colorado can do better than Cory Gardner and we need to all chip in and help make sure that happens.

Do you want to learn more about the positive things Senator Udall has helped make a reality during his time in office? You can review his voting history and issue positions here and then get involved by donating to his campaign, encouraging any friends or relatives in Colorado to vote for him, or hit the streets if you live in Colorado and do some old fashioned door to door canvassing. We can all help keep Senator Udall in the Senate, but we have to work together to make that happen.
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Good points. I really like Udall. And I agree with most everything he stands for, minus one thing.. marijuana legalization. I can't understand his hesitancy on this issue, especially when his state is a shining example so far of how good it can be for the US as a whole. Maybe he will change his opinion on this one issue. We will see. Otherwise though, he seems like a no-brainer choice for re-election.
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2965 days ago
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He'll come around. I gained much respect for him after his comments on NSA overreach. Hope he gets another term; he does deserve it.
2965 days ago
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I agree. It is quite odd, but I have a feeling the winds are changing with regards to this issue. I can only assume he's just trying to play it safe, but it doesn't make too much sense considering the citizens he represents overwhelmingly voted to legalize it.