From a Promised Utopia to Catastrophe: Welcome to Sam Brownback's Kansas

Fri Sep 26, 2014 18:55:56PM

Cedar Crest mansion, the official residence for the Governor of KansasBy: R. D. Rodriguez
If you ever want to see a 'real life experiment' on how to turn Ayn Rand's philosophy into a state wide policy, then look no further than Kansas. Governor Brownback coasted to election four years ago on his promise to make Kansas a bastion of conservative orthodoxy. I can only assume he opened up 'Atlas Shrugged' shortly after moving into the governors mansion, add a few notes to the book, and then hand that to the state legislature as his budget plan. Taxes were slashed, state revenues plummeted, and now Kansas is in a budget crisis that they can't seem to dig themselves out of. What does Brownback have to say about his abysmal record and incompetent leadership? It's Obama's fault!

I hate to say it, but this is what you follow the lead of modern day Republicans. Their widely debunked mentality of trickle down economics is finally coming home to roost. This ideology has never and will never work. Trickle down economics inevitably takes us down the road to an oligarchy, where a small group of rich people rule all. Kansas rapid fall into the abyss is Exhibit A of how Reaganomics is a total farce.

What's going on in Kansas is the same thing that's been going on in countless other 'red' states. Red states want to slash their own tax burden, but will gladly suck off the Federal Government's teat to make up for the fact that a vast number of their population is poor and needs help from someone. Just don't expect that someone to be the conservative state government because then that would go against everything they believe in.

Now it seems as if the people of Kansas are beginning to come around to realizing this themselves. Governor Brownback is trailing Democrat Paul Davis in the polls and has been for quite some time. It goes without saying that Brownback can't run on his horrendous record, so don't be surprised if you start hearing about the culture wars of yesteryear. It's a tried and true method that may very well work, but I surely hope that the voters in Kansas are smarter than that. There is one person to blame for the terrible situation they have found themselves in and his name is Sam Brownback.

Don't be fooled Kansas. It's time for you to take your state back. Countless liberals and democrats are rooting for you to throw your incompetent Governor out of office and we will work with you to make that a reality if you will allow us to. Brownback needs to go and all of us, Kansas citizen or not, can help make that happen.

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