Apple's iOS8 and iPhone 6 Models Give Users Plenty To Be Excited About

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With the release of Apple's iOS8 mobile operating system and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is plenty to be excited about in the Apple tech world. Question is, which is the better upgrade, the iOS8 operating system (which is a free upgrade for current Apple device owners) or the 6th model of the vaunted iPhone series phones?

That's one way of looking at it. Of course, if you upgrade to an iPhone 6 model, or just switch from a Windows 8 or Android operating platform altogether, you get both iOS8 and the iPhone 6 in one fell swoop. But for the millions of users that currently already have an older model iPhone, it becomes more a question of is it worth spending the money on a new phone, especially when most people's current iPhone's are perfectly fine for them now. Would it be just as good to just go for the free upgrade instead?

Well, that depends. With the iPhone 6 and especially with the iPhone 6 Plus, what you getting for your money by upgrading is mostly more screen real estate. And, I for one have been waiting a few years now for Apple to finally catch up to the Android market in that respect. Holding an iPhone 4 up to, say a Galaxy Note, or even the slightly smaller screen sizes of the other Samsung Galaxy mobile lineup, and the older iPhones honestly feel like toy phones; barbie phones as I like to call them. But, of course, that's just personal opinion.

The devices in Apple's lineup have always worked very reliably and seamlessly. I have just been underwhelmed by their screen sizes. Until now, that is. With the iPhone 6, Apple now gives it's phone a very respectable 4.7inch screen. Going from 4 inches to 4.7 inches doesn't sound like that big of deal, but in day to day use, especially for web browsing and video watching, it really makes a noticeable difference. Then there's the iPhone 6 Plus, which is the device I shall upgrade to when the time comes, as they opted to enter the mega-phone, phablet arena with a 5.5 inch display. Truly a remarkable mini-tablet phone that should really be able to take full advantage of all the millions of apps on Apple's market, while still being able to fit comfortably in one's pocket (in my opinion anyways).

However, if you are perfectly happy with your current iPhone model's screen size, you are in a good spot. iOS8 is now available for free as a software upgrade. Only caveat is that it is not backwards compatible with every single iPhone out there. It seems like it well work just fine for iPhone 4 and beyond, whereas anything before that and you may want to hold off, or avoid altogether depending upon user reviews in the future. Of course, the new iOS8 is equally available for Apple iPads as well, with a backwards compatible threshold of iPad 2 and beyond.

As for the iOS8 updates, there are many. But, the major facelift came with iOS7. So don't expect a difference in the looks department. This update is more focused on feature improvements.

Here are the highlighted updates with iOS8:

Messaging app lets users now send short audio and video clips to each other, much like Snapchat.

Siri speech recognition software got a major overhaul.

New "Continuity" feature allows easy sharing of content between Mac computers/laptops and mobile devices.

You can now respond to Notifications from your drop down menu.

Keyboard predictive texting (similar to Android software, but more advanced) and ability to use 3rd party keyboards.

Simple app creator Dev kits to allow developers easy access and ability to create apps that work well and talk to several other apps, with ease.

HomeKit, a framework for controlling Internet-connected gadgets in your home - and Apple's Health app for fitness tracking.

New photo editing tools, for more advanced and professional editing ability.

There are many more updates from iOS7 to iOS8, but those are the most talked about highlights. So, when trying to decide if you should upgrade to a newer iPhone, or just simply upgrade the operating system, I would say that you should upgrade the operating system first. Then, see if it feels like a new phone to you or not. Many times, simply doing a free upgrade gives you all the thrill of having a new phone (because of the facelift) with the bonus of not having to spend a dime, or worry about transferring content, etc. But, since iOS8 is more feature improvement and less visually upgraded, it may make you want to make the jump to a bigger version of more or less the same phone you currently have anyways.

Keep in mind, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do also have faster processors, a new curved design, better cameras and better screens. So, its not just about the bigger screen sizes. I would recommend going to a store and doing a side-by-side comparison; that's your best bet. Either way though, the iOS8 release appears to be a solid improvement to an already great operating system. And the iPhone 6's should be able to handle its powerful ability with ease.

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