US Wins Ice Dancing Gold In Record Fashion

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No USA duo has won an Ice Dancing Gold Medal at any Olympic event, until this year. In Sochi, Russia at the 2014 Winter Games, some 38 years after the first event of its kind were held, Americans Meryl Davis (27) and Charlie White (26) made history.

Not only did they become the first couple in U.S. history to bring home the gold in Ice Dancing, but they did so in impressive fashion; the two scored the highest score in Olympic history for the event. Their tally on the final dance was 116.63. In the world of Figure Skating Ice Dancing, that's damn impressive.

Davis and White have been skating together since they were 10 and 9, respectively. That's 17 years of practice. 17 years of dedication and devotion to the sport and the craft. Through numerous interviews, the two have always stuck to their guns by saying they never once considered parting ways or quitting. That in and of itself is something to admire.

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver brought silver for the duo in this same event. The Canadian couple that they routinely practice with won the gold over them last time. And, to be honest, it was completely justified scoring and tally. Going back and watching the Vancouver footage that's archived on YouTube, Canada put together a stronger performance. But for 2014, Meryl Davis and Charlie White put together a program and performance that would easily make even the least interested in Ice Dancing drop-jawed and impressed. And this time around the Canada duo stood upon the silver podium and had to look on high to the American couple that nailed the gold.

Here's a solid little expose on White and Davis that the NBC Olympics crew put together and officially uploaded to YouTube for the Sochi Games:

Two-Decade Road to Sochi: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Profile
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