Floyd Mayweather Improves to 47-0 After Unanimous Decision Over Maidana

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. staring down Victor Ortiz at press conference before the big fight.By: Bryan Horowitz
The rematch of Floyd Mayweather vs. Maidana held the promise of delivering the undefeated World Champion his first loss. Maidana had gotten close the first time they fought, going all the way to decision with Mayweather left playing defense for the majority of that bout. And many believed with that primer, that Maidana could reign supreme in the rematch. Well, that turned out to be wishful thinking.

Mayweather remains undefeated, and is now an impressive 47-0. The rematch did go through all 12 rounds, and Maidana did rightly give Mayweather fits in a few of those rounds. But, by and large, Floyd was never in danger of losing this fight. By eye's test, and commentator's blow by blow, I would say that Floyd won 9 of the rounds, with Maidana claiming 3 (rounds 4,9, and the last, 12, by default because of Mayweather killing time, knowing that he did not have to engage).

This was a fairly calculated and defensive fight for Mayweather. Rarely did he go on the offensive. He did just enough in most every round to stack the score cards in his favor. It seemed like he was holding back, bidding his time, saving his energy perhaps, in case things ever truly got out of hand. With Maidana, he seemed to have much energy and will to win, just could never really penetrate Mayweather's defenses. Basically, from my view, it appeared that Maidana had more heart in the fight, just wasn't strong enough to engage Mayweather into a real brawl.

There was one interesting and noteworthy moment in the fight: Round 8 when Maidana apparently tried to bite a chunk out of Mayweather's left glove. Floyd came up screaming 'He bit me!' and the round was put on pause as the ref forced the two back to their respective corners, for a talk with each trainer. The round resumed after a few minutes. Watching the replay, it was pretty clear that Maidana did clamp down pretty good on Floyd's glove.

Regardless of that, like I said before, Floyd never was in danger of losing this fight. He won by unanimous decision. Here were the scoreboards from all 3 judges: 115-112. 116-111. 116-111. And, for good measure, The Post had it 117-110 for Mayweather as well. Likely no one watching this fight waited with baited breathe, like the last fight. No one was wondering 'who won?'. It was clear all the way through that Mayweather got this one, and likely there is no need for a round 3 between the two fighters, after this fight being so uncompetitive.

For a quick video recap of the fight, check out:
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