It's Déjà vu All Over Again; Obama Prepares the Nation For War With ISIS

Wed Sep 10, 2014 02:06:16AM

ISIS fighters after commandeering an Iraqi tankBy: Boris Niehaus
While the rumors of America's impending return to active hostilities in the Middle East have been getting louder by the day, I continued to hold out hope that the President would resist the headwinds and use his prime time address to educate the nation how it is impossible to defeat an ideology with bombs and missiles alone. I know this naive way of thinking is unrealistic, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed that the President has succumbed to the pressure of the war hawks on both sides of the aisle and has decided to that it is in our vital national interest to insert ourselves into religious civil wars raging in two separate countries.

Thousands of years of history shows us that we will not succeed in this endeavor. One can not force peace with military might, especially among religious factions that have a disagreement over the way they interpret their holy book; a book, mind you, that only a small fraction of Americans have any elementary understanding of. Imagine an imperialistic power that follows paganism trying to force peace among warring Catholics and Protestants and you might get how unrealistic it is for Western powers to pick winners and losers in a battle they know little to nothing about.

We also need to remind ourselves of this 'threat' that we are dealing with. ISIS, ISIL, or whatever you want to call them, consists of anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 'active troops.' This pales in comparison to the Iraqi Army's 250,000 plus thousand troops and police force. Not just that, but a group of 10,000--on the high end--causing any significant damage to our national security is just laughable. I can list off one thousand other things I would love to see being done in this country with this billion dollars of taxpayer money outside of bombing a militant group which is founded on an ideology most Americans haven't the slightest clue about.

The silver lining here is that President Obama is asking Congress involved. I may not be a huge fan of our military industrial complex, but our Congress has a Constitutionally mandated role to weigh in here and it is a welcome development to see President Obama asking for their advice and consent regarding this pending conflict that is now inevitable.
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FaithfuleeBecome all that God made you to be
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2529 days ago
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We should not get involved in an Islamic Civil War, but we must recognize that Islam is a vital reason for the ISIS plans for conquest.

ISIS is a brutal example of Islamic (Sharia) law and it should defeated. But we must confine our operation to driving them out of Iraq. We blundered in Iraq by removing our troops to soon and we must not repeat that blunder by denying that we need boots on the ground.
'Conflicts' and 'insurgencies' and 'operations' are all acts of war, and should be labeled as such. Therefore, all should be brought forth and voted on by Congress before any long term engagement takes place. The fact that this rarely happens in today's government is appalling.
Dutchworldwide experience
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2573 days ago
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Even a General on BBC news said this "war" can not be won with the military. Absolutely correct;all the parties there want to "win"; so in the end everyone looses; including the US. Getting in there especially Syria, will mean we are the aggressor from the outside; they may form a unity to get us out. Russia supplies weapons to Saddam; so Assad may wait till he gets a bit more room because of us and then attack us full force. No the thing is not so simple as quit a few commentaters think it is. The UN certainly will not give its approval to attack the US; Russia will certainly veto that. If we still do then we become an agressor of yet another country. Thanks to all our other failed international policies we are in this mess; The MORE DRONES; The MORE TERRORISTS get created. One GOP senator said we are going to "win"; I guess that was also said about Vietnam, if I'm not mistaken (we can openly say that of Iraq as well now)
Drone strikes are one of the top recruiting tools in the Middle East for 'terrorists', specifically to fight against America. Easy to see why; hell fire falling from unmanned robots in the sky.
Dutchworldwide experience
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2573 days ago
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Jared, this thing refuses to "edit" The line: .... The UN certainly will not give its approval to attack the US......; should read attack BY the US on Syria Thanks pls correct or fix the "edit" system