Floyd Mayweather Vs. Marcos Maidana- Bout Cannot Have Same Result As Last

Tue Sep 09, 2014 20:21:42PM
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. with Tecate GirlBy: Dewalt Power Tools Fight Night
The last time Mayweather and Maidana were in the ring together, there was a controversial ending in favor of Floyd. The bout lasted 12 rounds with impressive stamina from both of the fighters. This time I feel will be different. I know Mayweather is a great fighter, he has proven that more than enough times. Though the problem I see with him is his repetitiveness, and I think Maidana has figured that out. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with finding a particular style that earns you almost a sure-fire win everytime. But sooner or later, someone is going to come along and take you for everything you got because they figured out a way to penetrate that routine.

My take on odds:

Let's start with Mayweather. The ,"greatest defensive fighter in the world" as he has came to be known. He is unquestionably a great defensive fighter, but will that be enough to take on a man who held up for 12 rounds with him last year and win? For this to go his way he needs to bring something different. He needs to be a great offensive fighter. He needs to trap Maidana in a corner and throw an abundance of heavy blows to weaken him. And honestly, I do not see this happening at all. I think this will be similar to last year in which the fight will dance for several rounds of equal hands thrown.

Now Maidana. Not only am I giving my odds in favor of him, I am sincerely hoping he aggressively takes Mayweather to the ground a couple times, only to finish him with a powerful blow to the chin. Over the past year Floyd has been an instigator of trouble between the marriage of rapper T.I (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) and his wife Tiny (Tameka Cottle). Without going to far into the situation, it is never OK to do what he did. On top of that he is a convicted domestic abuser. That speaks for itself. Not that this has anything to do with the upcoming bout, just another reason for me to want him to lose.

Now back to what I think the determining factors are here. Mayweather is repetitive, Maidana is explosive and unpredictable. The recipe for Marcos's victory is in his hands and style of fighting. The last go around there was tons of pressure on him with it being as big of an event as it was, so I think he was playing it a little safe in the beginning. This time he has only anticipation for what he has to do. Win. And I strongly believe he can and will do it.

The fight is scheduled Saturday, Sept. 13 at 8 p.m. ET at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
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Will be a great fight, just like last time. I gotta give the clear edge to Mayweather however. While I agree that I would rather see Maidana win for the same reasons as you, I just can't imagine Floyd losing. He is just too good. If it goes to an aggresive, offensive only, blow for blow bout, hard to imagine anyone standing tall and beating down Mayweather. We shall see though.
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I hope Maidana wins by knockout, early.