GOP Impoverishes not Enriches

Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:37:43AM
Categories: Republican Party

John Heilemann on Charlie Rose mentioned Congressman Paul Ryan as having a compelling GOP message in development so that I watched his CPAC presentation from last spring where I failed to see anything to save the Republican party from disappointment this fall and obliteration in 2016; specifically because their focus on austerity will be contrasted by good economic news.
"Surprise: Per Capita Medicare Spending is Falling" as reported in The New Times' Upshot is part of the lie that Republicans are good stewards of our economy. How will it play if it is Hillary Clinton up against Paul Ryan in 2016 when that October the Treasury declares the first budget surplus since the Bill Clinton administration. As I recall, Clinton increased taxes and brought forth a huge economic boom and tax receipts paying off the national debt at to some on Wall Street was at an alarming rate (Oh my God we are going to run out of bonds to sell) ! Republicans, on the other hand, have George W. Bush cutting taxes and starting a war, a devastating economic combination which brought us The Great Recession. It appears that a hand off will take place between one competent, thoughtful and decisive Democrat in President Obama to another, Hillary, while the GOP is left to whine.
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