What is it about John McCain?

Sun Aug 31, 2014 15:46:41PM
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Senators John McCain and Lyndsay Graham's New York Times Op Ed of the 29th of August "Stop Dithering and Confront ISIS" has a rather pointless "just do something" sense to it that belies the fact that McCain was a prisoner of war in a conflict based on the same sentiment.

Once again I re-iterate that Obama will go down in history as a great president for resisting emotional appeals to do something in a hasty irrational manner. There is no doubt that we have the military power to overwhelm ISIS, but without a sane and forceful local ally, such as the Kurds in Iraq, there is nothing to fill the power vacuum that our conquering creates and filling that void is 95% of the job! Putting together an artificial coalition isn't good enough. You need a politically mature group and a well motivated militia to collaborate with in Syria. Until your ally's grunts on the ground are willing to die for their movement, like ISIS fighters are willing to do, there is no sustainable end game. Every other option ends with helicopters evacuating personnel from the top of our embassy.
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I completely agree vincent. After eight years of a President who intervened in two different countries with no rational policy to handle it once we got involved, it is nice having a President who thinks before committing our military to a religious civil war in the Middle-East.