Joan Rivers in Medically Induced Coma After Throat Procedure Goes Awry

Fri Aug 29, 2014 19:25:23PM
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Joan Rivers performing standup in 2007By: Underbelly Limited
Actress and comedian Joan Rivers is in a medically induced coma and in serious condition at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital after going into cardiac arrest during a routine medical procedure. Ms. Rivers was undergoing throat surgery to repair her vocal chords when she stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. According to her daughter, Melissa River, she is now 'resting comfortably' at the hospital.

Rivers is now 82 years old and has publicly battled numerous health problems before, but none to this extent.

It is amazing how busy Rivers has kept for an individual in her early 80's, doing her stand up show touring throughout the United States throughout the year. She had just finished a performance the evening before her medical procedure and was scheduled to have a performance this evening, which has now been indefinitely postponed.

Ms. Rivers has always been someone who speaks her mind and uses comedy to discuss typically serious issues. She recently ran into hot water with Palestinian activists after she blamed residents in Gaza for Israels ground and air offensive and said that many of those living in Gaza 'deserve to be dead.' Whether or not you agree with what Rivers says, she will always speak her mind and not back down. Let's hope that fighting spirit can help her pull out of her current health troubles.

You can follow Ms. Rivers condition by clicking on any of the links below:

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I gained some respect for Rivers after watching her on 'Louie'. The show did a good job of humanizing her, as I all but forgot she was a stand-up due to all that E! red carpet fashion nonsense. Gaza is a complicated issue, and she has her right to an opinion (even though I strongly disagree).
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Rivers actually is a very good stand-up comedian. Many people don't realize she got her start on Carson doing comedy all the way back in the 60's.