US Should Reconsider Unconditional Support for Israel

Wed Jul 30, 2014 04:48:28AM | Categories: Israel vs Palestinians

Anti-war protest supporting Palestinians in Brisbane on Friday 1 August 2014By: Byron Wu
For the last 60 year Israel and Palestine have been at each others’ throats. Israelis want a country to call their own and the displaced Palestinians want to return to the land that was forcefully taken from them after World War II. The US has been unconditionally backing Israel for the entirety of the conflict, but it is time for the US to reconsider that position.

Israel has been using US support and funding to continue grabbing land in the West Bank and Gaza. They have encourage Israelis to move and settle into Palestinian lands. They have been treating Palestinians like second class citizens. They have ignored or broken more UN resolutions and sanctions than any other country in the world, and they do so knowing that a world superpower not only supports them politically but supplies them financially, and provides military grade weapons, top of the line equipment and possibly even nuclear weapons.

With Israel acting like a spoiled child, it is time for the US to step back and withdraw their unwavering support for the nation. The US needs to act more as a mediator to try a garner a lasting peace between the combatants. Israel may become less bold and more willing to negotiate a permanent ceasefire when the balance of power isn’t so heavily in their favor. Currently, they have no motivation to negotiate because anything they want they can just take by force.

Obviously this is just a first step. Israel isn’t the only antagonist in this conflict. Palestinians have not always been in the right and there is plenty to address on that front, but for starters, the US should take and less one sided role in trying to bring stability to the region. The other side has some very real and very legitimate concerns and claims that deserve an honest look.
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