Let's not add to Egypt's Arsenal

Thu Jul 17, 2014 18:21:31PM | Categories:
President Obama should reconsider the recent release of military aid to Egypt because it is more important to be true to our core values of a free press and justice based on a rule of law rather than waste these convictions with a regime that gives no value in regional stability. After this week’s rocketry and counter bombing in Gaza we find that General Sisi is no man of influence. That Hamas in Palestine chose to ignore a cease fire brokered by Egypt indicates that the Anwar Sadat peace keeping influence in the region is gone and so is the accord with Israel in the Sinai. Other factors leading to Egypt’s eventual blow up are it’s paternal crony capitalist denial of a prosperous future and a judiciary radicalizing political opposition. The future for Egypt is one very similar to Syria but it will be our fighter jets and helicopters trying to quell the rebellion, so let’s not add to their arsenal.
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