LeBron James Rejoins With Cleveland; Haters Forced To Do 180

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Lebron James as a Cleveland Cavalier, playing against the Wizards back in November of 2006By: Keith Allison
After weeks of uncertainty and guesswork by the league and media, LeBron James has finally decided what team he wants to play for since becoming a free agent; he's coming back to where it all started, back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That's right. The prodigal son is returning. LeBron James is going back to the town that openly expressed a mountain of hate directly squared at him for when he left. You abandoned us, they cried. Traitor, they screamed. Now, 4 years later, those same people are still around. They didn't go anywhere. Only now they will have to shut their mouths, stop the trash talk of the King James traitor variety because it's come time to cheer him on, once again.

It's silly really, the amount of hate that Cleveland has had toward the star they drafted some 11 seasons ago. He put their team on the map when he was there. Played 7 seasons without any star power around him. And just because he decides to take a better offer, they whine and cry that their basketball celebrity leaves for greener pastors, meaning a real chance to win an NBA championship.

And that he did. During that ludicrously drawn out announce speech 4 years ago when LeBron and the Big 3 of Miami where officially presented to the world, LeBron said they were going to win. And, infamously now, he did say not 1, not 2, not 3, or 4 or 5... you know that part. Well, with 4 seasons of the Big 3 together, win they did. They made it to 4 finals in 4 years, and won the finals 2 of those 4. Not bad, not bad at all. Well, it's not 3, or 4, or 5, or 6.. but it'll do.

Yes, the WAY that LeBron left gives Cleveland basketball fans of the past a reason to be annoyed with the guy. And yes, the amount of talent that LeBron possesses, along with simply being genetically gifted is cause to be a hater on him. I get it. It's not like the guy is really all that smart. Sometimes he's smug, arrogant, etc. But, how would you be if you really were one of the best, ever? Hard to say, for sure. I think he is just fine the way he is.

And so will you, Cleveland fans. You will once again think that LeBron can do no wrong, and open your arms big and wide, hoping the wins (and revenue) return, and return soon. The haters will quiet down and forgive. All will be well for Cav fans once more. Their 'king' is back.

My one bit of advice for Sir LeBron, don't ever leave Cleveland again. You, my man, will retire there. You won't survive another free agency trade. Cleveland is your current and final destination. Enjoy. It will be fun to watch you and Wiggins take on the league next season.
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