Strange Full Moon To Disturb Sleep All Summer

Fri Jul 11, 2014 01:53:59AM
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Full MoonBy: Dbenbenn
Folklore has said the moon cycles have a large role in humans and animals sleep methods and quality. With the next full moon approaching July 12th, I wonder how many people this will actually affect. There have been some very interesting studies done before, during, and just after full moon cycles that show this folklore to actually hold great weight. A Florida animal expert studied the patterns of several different animals while the moon was in full peak and showed several changes in characteristics.

Reported Animal Full Moon Cycle changes:

The hamsters seem to run more aggressive and for longer periods of time.
Deer and other herbivores show a strong pattern of similtaniously ovulating during the full moon phase.
The full moon phase is Australia's Great Barrier reef, mating time for coral.

I strongly believe in the moon's power over mood and other strange phenomenons. One of the stranger cases of "proof" for this glowing power is the curious case of Charles Hyde. You may know him by his more known alias "Dr. Jeckyll". The story of 'Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde' was wrote by author Robert Louis Stevenson, and inspired by Mr. Hyde himself. The story goes, Hyde would take on another devious personality when the moon was in full phase. Which eventually lead to a series of crimes.

Other than this story of personality change during this time, here are a few other myths and legends:

The fifth day after a full moon cycle is said to be the perfect time to conceive a child.
Some countries believe if there is a halo around the moon it means there is bad weather is coming.
Some Chinese religions believe it is necessary to give offerings to their ancestors on the night of the full moon.

Researchers in Gothenburg, Sweden, have found that the brain is more susceptible to external noise and distraction during this time. Which is why they say it is more difficult to get fulfilling sleep and achieve full concentration. They say the average sleep that is lost is in the area of 20 minutes or more. The flip side of the loss, is it has also been found that an extra 30 minutes of the deepest sleep (REM cycle) will be gained. The patients used for the testing were all in great health and between 18 years of age to 30. The study were originally intended to determine how noise affects how noise can affect our sleep. After re-analysis they discovered that the sensitivity the participants were experiencing were most intense during the full moon cycle. The lead Dr. Smith, says the results are up for interpretation considering that main study was not fully intended on the cycle of the moon. Although none of these stories are 100% proven, there's an abundance of real connections to that particular time and certain events.

Below is the full moon calendar for the remainder of the year:

July 12th- Full Buck Moon
August 10th- Full Sturgeon Moon
September 8th- Full Harvest Moon
October 8th- Full Hunter's Moon
November 6th- Full Beaver Moon
December 6th- Full Cold Moon
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