2014 NBA Finals Schedule w/ Up-to-Date Scores & Game Recaps

Sun Jun 15, 2014 22:06:52PM
Inside the At&t Center of the San Antonio Spurs, during a packed '04 playoff gameBy: Henry Camacho
San Antonio Spurs Win NBA Finals Championship! Defeat Heat in 5 Games, 4-1 Series Record

This year's NBA Finals turns out to be a rematch of last year. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs go head-to-head once again. Here is the full schedule of this year's series, complete with date, time and channel. I will also update this blog as soon as each game ends with the final scores and individual game recaps with notable highlights as well. Will try and give you a video recap too. Games are in bold. Just scroll down to find the latest.

Complete Schedule:

Game 1: Miami Heat @ San Antonio - Thursday June 5th, 9:00pm EST on ABC.

Game 2: Miami Heat @ San Antonio - Sunday, June 8th, 8:00pm EST on ABC.

Game 3: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami - Tuesday, June 10th, 9:00pm EST on ABC.

Game 4: San Antonio Spurs @ Miami - Thursday, June 12th, 9:00pm EST on ABC.

Game 5: Miami Heat @ San Antonio - Sunday, June 15th, 8:00pm EST on ABC.

Scores - Winner / Loser & Game Recaps

Game 1: Spurs - 110 / Heat - 95

Recap: Strange game, this series opener. The air conditioning was broken in the San Antonio arena, and it was said to feel like a "sauna" on the court. So much so that it gave Lebron James fits and only allowed him to play 33 minutes. He managed 25 points but it wasn't enough. This was a clean and solid victory by the Spurs.

Duncan led the scoring board with 21 points. He also added 10 rebounds, giving him an impressive double double. Parker added 19 points, and Ginobili managed 16 points. The 4th quarter was far and away the deciding factor of the game; the Spurs outscored the Heat 36-17. Otherwise, the game was close the whole way. So, Spurs pull out ahead 1-0 in the early goes. No surprise as they have an excellent home record this season. Check out the official NBA YouTube video below, recapping Game 1.

2014 NBA Finals: Game 1 Minimovie

Game 2: Heat - 98 / Spurs - 96

Recap: Okay, back on track. This game had AC the whole time. And Lebron took full advantage, posting up 35 points and reminding everyone that once again when he is on, he dominates the floor. Wade was the quiet facilitator this time around, only scoring 14, but knocking down all 4 free throws, adding 4 assists and a team high 5 steals. Chris Bosh turned in a solid performance with 18 points on 6-11 shooting. He came out the first quarter in very nice form.

As for the Spurs, the end tally scoring numbers look very similar from Game 1: Tim Duncan with 18 points and 15 rebounds, yet another solid double-double. Parker led the scoring board for the Spurs with 21, along with a team high 5 assists. And Ginobili looked really good tonight, scoring 19.

This game was close most all the way through. While the Heat rarely led by more than a few points, they managed to hang on through the Spurs' early leds and steal this one away, thanks mostly to the scoring accuracy of Lebron. This series is now all tied up 1-1. Looks to be ever bit as competitive as last year's series that came down to an awesome Game 7. Check out the official NBA YouTube video below, recapping Game 2.

2014 NBA Finals: Game 2 Minimovie

Game 3: Spurs - 111 / Heat - 92

Recap: Wow. Where to start.. This game was all about the numbers, the shocking numbers. One such number, 91%. That was the percentage San Antonio was shooting with 8:08 left in the second half, when the score was 55-30 in their favor. At that point in the bout, the Spurs had only missed 2 shots the whole game.

How about 41? That was the amount the Spurs' scored after the 1st quarter alone. Then there's the number 71. That was San Antonio's total offensive tally, at halftime! Giving viewers a real chance to blink and to close their dropped jaws during the 15 minute or so break was a good thing. Gave everyone a chance to compute that they had just witnessed history. 71 points is the most any team has put up on the Heat in a first half of basketball period, Finals or no.

Spur's guard Kawhi Leonard was a huge impact on this game. Leonard posted 29 points, 16 of which seemed to come in the first few minutes of the game alone. Danny Green was also an asset adding 15. The three that usually run the show, Ginobili, Parker, Duncan, scored 11-15-14 respectively. And they played well. But this game wasn't as much about them as it was the bench points, and the first half lead that San Antonio made sure not to lose.

As for the Heat, they played a sloppy first half. Wade had many embarrassing turnovers. Otherwise, they just could not contain the Spur's shooting streak. It simply overwhelmed them. Miami showed a glaring weakness this time around: leaning too heavily on their MVP is a recipe to become 1-dimensional, and therefore easily beatable. Wade came alive in the second half, ending up with a total of 22 points. And James had the same. Rashard Lewis made it interesting a few times, hitting 4-5 from the outside arch and adding 14 points of his own. But let's be honest, this game was NEVER in the Heat's grasp. They simply got owned in Game 3 on their own turf. No two ways around that. Here's a Game 3 NBA official recap:

2014 NBA Finals: Game 3 Minimovie

Game 4: Spurs - 107 / Heat - 86

Recap: Allow me to reiterate, Lebron James against 5 is a recipe for disaster! He can't do it alone! But that's what the Heat continued to insist this Game 4, that indeed he might be able to. They were wrong of course, again. The Spurs took the lead early in the 1st. And if I'm not mistaken, never lost it again. The Spurs also held a double digit edge almost the entire game. Lebron James put up 28 for Miami, and came close to being the only Heat member to post a double digit score; it was that bad. The team only scored 57 points by the end of the 3rd quarter.

As for the Spurs, this was a great game for them again. Leonard once again led the team in scoring with 20 on 7-12 shooting. Very impressive for a bench player that honestly came mostly out of nowhere to be a real contributor when showing up matter's the most. Perhaps more impressive, Leonard made tonight a double-double with 14 boards as well. Parker was in rarer form tonight, scoring 19 but only having 2 assists. Either way, he was decisive and effective. Good on him.

Thought this game was going to go to the Heat for sure. I was sure 2-2 was inevitable and they would continue to trade games until the dirty end. But, no. San Antonio is serious. And what's more, they have Miami figured out and on the ropes. Make Lebron beat you. Make Miami one-dimensional. Make Miami lose. That's there playbook right there. James really needs Wade to wake up in this series. Without him, the Spurs will win for sure. Here's the Game 4 NBA Official YouTube video:

2014 NBA Finals: Game 4 Minimovie

Game 5: Spurs - 104 / Heat - 87

Recap: Kawki Leonard wins the MVP! Far and away the highlight of the game, of the series really. What a nice surprise. This was a Spur's TEAM victory. Lebron James was the only one to show up for Miami in the game. Wade shrunk to the occassion. And so it goes. Numbers matter little to the final result, the Spurs win 4-1! This marks there 5th franchise championship. Here's a really good recap article, breaking down the nitty gritty. Also here's the final Game 5 Minimovie NBA Youtube video. Hope you enjoyed all the recaps, and this series. It was all Spurs, and it was a dominate showing. Even though I'm a Mavericks fan, I enjoyed watching a team win, as opposed to a BIG THREE dominance win. It was fun.

San Antonio Spurs win 5th NBA crown

2014 NBA Finals: Game 5 Minimovie
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