Stanley Cup Final In Favor Of LA Kings

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2012 Stanley Cup Champions ~ Los Angeles KingsBy: Prayitno
It has been a long hard fought road this year for the Los Angeles Kings. With Winning three consecutive game sevens in a row to secure their well deserved spot in the Stanley Cup final this year. Their opponent? The New York Rangers. I have to say I thought this year would turn out alot different than it did. I thought for sure it would turn out with my favorite team the 'Chicago Blackhawks taking the cup yet again. Unfortunately in their fast paced overtime game seven with the Kings, a stray puck went over the right shoulder of the 'Hawks' goalie Corey Crawford which lead to their devastating loss.

I was shocked when this happened, considering the Hawks came back to win three games in a row to tie the series at 3-3. Chicago always seems to pull out their best moves when crunch time rolls around. The moves just came one minute too late in this series. Now that my surefire pick is out, it leaves me curious as to who will hold the cup over their shoulders this year. After all the games I have watched lately, my money is on the Kings. They have a drive that I think the Rangers lack.

After securing their spot in the cup, the Rangers stated that they are, "Ok with either opponent". “They’ve both played on the big stage,” Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault told the Bergen Record’s Tom Gulitti. “They’ve both won. They have different styles. Obviously, L.A. is a little bit bigger.

“We’ll be able to get our group ready for it.”

I think that is fair considering the teams are pretty evenly matched. No doubt the Hawks have more star players who are known for showing out when it's absolutely necessary. Such as Kane, Saad, Keith, Towes, and Hossa. The 'Kings' have built a team that seems to hold it together when it counts, and not let the stress mess up their game. The term "What happens when and immovable object, meets and unstoppable force" comes to mind here. One has to win.

Now that the two teams are known, it should be an exciting final. There's no reason to fully write off the Rangers as the winners this year, as they have made it this far. But like I said, the Kings seem to have a few factors that the 'Rangers' do not. Which I believe will ultimately lead to their success.

Game one of the Finals takes place on Wednesday the 4th, at Los Angeles.
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