Manchester United & Tampa Bay Bucs owner passes. What now?

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Manchester City and Manchester United - 2011 FA Community Shield at Wembley StadiumBy: Oldelpaso
Malcolm Glazer, the team owner of both the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the English Football League's Manchester United died Wednesday morning. He was 85 years old. The Buccaneers made the official announcement to the press. It is not known yet what the cause of death was exactly. Natural reasons are assumed though, given the age of Glazer.

Malcolm Glazer was a successful team owner, in both respects. During his ownership of the Buccaneers since 1995, he oversaw the team's only championship in franchise history in the 2002-03 season. Not that he necessarily had a direct and causal impact on that Super Bowl victory. However, that fact is one worth debating as team owner's routinely get in the way (I'm looking at you Jerry Jones). Glazer was ultimately responsible for the faculty and coaches in charge. So, give credit where due. He was also involved and was on the team's finance committee from 2001-09.

Even more noteworthy was his success with Manchester United. Since he bought that team back in 2005, Man-U has taken home a total of 5 EPL championships, and a Champions League title as well. From what I have gathered on Glazer, his time was mostly spent with the Bucs. But I have heard several times Glazer's affinity for Man-U and English Football.

Glazer marks the 4th owner of an NFL team to pass away in just over six months. The Titans, Lions and Bills also lost their elder owner recently. In Tampa Bay's case, Glazer's family will assume ownership of the team, at least for the time being. As for the other 3, and the rest of the league.. "These Times They Are A-Changin". RIP Glazer. I've read and heard through interviews many speak very highly of you, your leadership and business practices.

Glazer's 6 children also hold a 90 percent stake in Manchester United. And while some of the descendants have shown interest in the Buccaneers franchise, the same cannot be said for the European Football franchise. Hardly any of them have even been to a match overseas during the 9 years of family ownership. It's hard to say what will happen with the storied Man-U team. Gaining ownership when Glazer did was not received well by the fans. Makes me wonder if his children will sell or not. Perhaps Glazer was a good owner for Man-U. But its hard, or at least harder to imagine that an inherited franchise by some quasi-causal owners will go over well, especially in a city and with a team that is as passionate as Manchester United and it's fans are.

Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer dies
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