'Dancing With The Stars' Season 18 Winner Revealed

Thu May 22, 2014 23:29:51PM | Categories:

Lyrical hip-hop Performed by Rati Tsiteladze - StuntBy: Danelia.ekaterine
Finally after 10 weeks and countless amazing dance performances, the winner has been chosen. This season of 'Dancing With The Stars' has been nail biting for the viewers, and especially for the performers. The winner was announced after the remaining finalist preformed their last routines. And the winner is!... Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

Its been an incredible race, and props to the runner ups:

Amy Purdy

Derek Hough

Candace Cameron

Bure and Mark Ballas

The choice was clear to me, as the Olympic ice dancer Meryl and Maksim have been great from the start. It seemed almost pointless to even name the winners, as it seemed everyone knew they would surely win. The dynamic duo finally have a Mirrorball trophy to call their own. A congratulations goes out to everyone who performed. If you ask me, you all rightfully have earned the number one spot. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. So hats off to Meryl and Maksim!
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