Katy Perry Wears Skin Tight Body Suit At 'Billboard Music Awards'

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Katy Perry gig Nottingham 2011By: Tony May
Katy Perry recently performed her hit song 'Birthday', live at the 'Billboard Music Awards' on Sunday, May 18th. The show was a great success as expected. Perry is known for her over-the-top, magical, and fantastic shows. This performance included giant balloons, tons of confetti, costume changes, and of course Katy's signature, multi-colored hair. During the show she used the balloons to suspend from, floating off the stage in a dramatic crowd pleasing fashion. What most are talking about pertaining the show was her sexy wardrobe. The singer started off fully clothed in a lime green wig and full hot pink coat. Later to strip down and reveal only a skin tight, nude color body suit with only splashes of color and cartoons.

The highly followed singer/songwriter ended up taking the 'Top Female Artist' award, along with the joy of stealing the show. I have to say this award, along with all the others she has acquired, are extremely well deserved. She has always been very humble and well appreciative of all of her fans. Which is increasingly harder to come by these days with all of the mainstream "too good for" artist. I wish there was more like her.

Perry caught everyone off guard when she brought a young girl onstage who was there at the show celebrating her birthday. It's things like this that make her stand out from other artist, and create life long fans.

Below is a link to which you can view her performance:

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