Kate Upton Is Topless And Sexier Than Ever

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Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann By: Lady Lotus
Kate Upton has been envied by hundreds of thousands of women, and desired by almost every man on the planet ever since she made her first appearance on 'Youtube' doing the dance known as "The Dougie". Yes, after 9 million views, that was her big break. Since then she has been a runway model and spokes-woman for Victoria's Secret, Vogue, Maxim, and of course, Sports Illustrated. Not too mention all of her other endeavors which include appearances almost anywhere. Kate has had some amazingly popular photo shoots over the last couple of years including a few I have listed below.

Kate Upton Displays Incredible Figure While Modeling Lingerie


Sports Illustrated- Kate Upton Bares All


Kate Upton Zero Gravity Photos


Kate Upton Goes Topless


There is not doubt she is extremely popular due to her beauty, and seems to be very humble as well. She is currently seeing 'Detroit Tigers' starting pitcher Justin Verlander, and reports are that they are very happy. So sorry fellas, shes taken. But hey, believe it or not shes not the only girl out there.
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