Lawrence O'Donnell Hopes to Return to MSNBC in June

Sun May 18, 2014 18:16:18PM
Categories: Lawrence O'Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell recently called into his show one month after a car accident that put him on an extended leave of absence to update his viewers about his ongoing recovery and inform them that he hopes to return to air this June. The April accident that sidelined O'Donnell was far worse than originally thought, fracturing his hip and forcing him to have surgery for the first time in his life. The Harvard educated host is a contrast to many other MSNBC personalities and his prolonged absence has left a void in their primetime lineup that has been tough to fill.

O'Donnell conducts his show by asking tough questions and showing his guests he has a commanding understanding of the issues of the day. He will not allow his guests to filibuster segments and forces them to answer the questions that have been directed their way. His unabashedly 'practical European socialist' political views are also a welcome contrast to the overwhelming pro-big business and capitalistic viewpoints polluting our airwaves.

We don't have many personalities with O'Donnell's background as news anchors. His impressive resume includes time as a top legislative aide, author, writer for the hit television show 'The West Wing', actor, and news anchor. His ability to be successful at a variety of careers proves that he is definitely one of a kind.

Let's all wish O'Donnell a speedy recovery and hope that he is able to return to the air next month.

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