California Chrome The Favorite At Preakness Stakes (Updated w/ Results)

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First time past the stands at 139th Preakness Stakes.By: Maryland GovPics
Horse racing's most coveted prize, The Triple Crown, is within reach for the American Thoroughbred racehorse California Chrome. Chrome won this year's Kentucky Derby, and is also the favorite in this year's Preakness Stakes at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, the 2nd leg of 3 races that make up the Triple Crown run.

With 3-5 odds to win the Preakness Stakes, California Chrome is by far the favorite in this event. And to pull off the Triple Crown, all that Chrome needs to do is win today, and then win at Belmont in June. But that is far from an easy feat, even for the impressive talent of this 3 year old colt and his trainer Art Sherman. Sweeping these three horse racing events has only been done a total of 11 times in its 95 year history!

Here are the odds (this morning's lines) of the race for the Preakness Stakes, for each horse:

California Chrome 3-5
Social Inclusion 5-1
Bayern 10-1
Ride On Curlin 10-1
Dynamic Impact 12-1
General a Rod 15-1
Ring Weekend 20-1
Kid Cruz 20-1
Pablo Del Monte 20-1
Ria Antonia 30-1

While California Chrome is the clear favorite at Preakness, there has been some concern over the health of the horse for the race. California Chrome's trainer downplayed a small blister in the colt's throat on Friday, as they were making final rounds and getting ready for the race.

"California Chrome is fine. His throat is fine. He had a little tickle," Alan Sherman said to reporters when questioned about the issue. "He is not scratching from the Preakness," Sherman said. "The colt had a similar blister before his Derby win, and is being treated with a glycerin throat wash."

That's good to hear because nothing would be worse than the Triple Crown hopeful being scratched from the event for something as minor and temporary as a sore throat! No fear though, Chrome will race. And will line up against 9 other hopefuls, 2 of which Chrome has already beaten in a race this year.

The Preakness Stakes gets started at 4:30pm EST on NBC. The race will officially begin after the singing of "Maryland, My Maryland" by the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club, which will be at approximately 6:15pm EST. Enjoy the race! I'm rooting for Chrome, as I love the hype of the Belmont when the Triple Crown is a real possibility. Right now, Bovada Racebook has a 2-1 line for California Chrome winning the Triple Crown; those are some pretty good odds.

UPDATE: Race Results!

Well, the race is over. Looks like the odds makers knew what they were talking about. California Chrome came out on top after all. Here is how the order of finish went down at the 2014 Preakness Stakes:

Place/Post/Horse/Lengths Behind

1 - 3 - California Chrome
2 - 10 - Ride On Curlin - 1 1/2
3 - 8 - Social Inclusion - 8
4 - 2 - General a Rod - 8
5 - 4 - Ring Weekend - 12 1/4
6 - 9 - Pablo Del Monte - 14
7 - 1 - Dynamic Impact - 15 3/4
8 - 7 - Kid Cruz - 15 3/4
9 - 5 - Bayern - 20 3/4
10 - 6 - Ria Antonia - 30 3/4

California Chrome, rider and trainer are no doubt looking ahead to the Belmont Stakes race in June now, their eyes firmly on the prize of the elusive Triple Crown trophy. Good luck, California Chrome! I think you have it in you to make history. Should be fun to watch.

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