The 98th Running of 'Indianapolis 500' Catches Westboro Church's Attention

Thu May 15, 2014 23:59:10PM | Categories: Westboro Baptist Church

1994 NASCAR Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Prerace ceremonies.By: Doctorindy
Usually this amazing event is primarily focused on the race itself. Well, unfortunately this year something else has my attention. 'Westboro Baptist Church' has made it apparent that they will be protesting this years, "greatest spectacle in racing". The reason being is actor Jim Nabors will be in attendance performing the song, "Back Home Again in Indiana". You may know Nabors from 'The Andy Griffith Show', playing the character Gomer Pyle. They refer to him as the "the poster child for sodomy."

Nabors has performed the song on opening day for 36 years, and says this year will most definitely be his last. It is not in his best luck for his very last show of a 36 year stretch to be ruined by these people. There is also another issue 'Westboro Church' will be protesting at the race. That is the consumption of alcohol. I quote from their website, "The Indy 500 is nothing more than an excuse to sit around and drink beer and get falling down drunk". Although that may be true in a sense, I believe it is up to them how they want to spend they day.

I guess we will have see what happens this week, as to if they will carry out their protest plans. I do hope this doesn't ruin anyone's day. After all, this is an event to celebrate and have a good time.
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