Vaping- The Smokers Final Frontier

Wed May 28, 2014 23:27:48PM | Categories: Cigarettes

Electric Cigarette By: Beemwej
There's a craze that has been about for several years now, although it has exploded in the past 12 months. I am referring to electronic cigarettes, aka "vaping". There are countless people switching from ole tar sticks to this (in my opinion and most others) much healthier form of smoking. If you ask me, it is one hundred percent undeniable the difference in health risks. I was a 1+ pack a day smoker for several years, and almost the very moment I picked up an e-cig I was cigarette free. People that have been smoking for 20+ years have ZERO problems switching to these nifty little electronics due to all the perks they offer versus traditional cigarettes.

For starters, the pain, coughing, morning throat dryness, etc, etc, is gone. Secondly, the variety is amazing. You can puff on almost any flavor you can imagine. Unfortunately, too many people make the mistake of buying either the cheap ecigs at the gas station, or try to go the cheapest route possible at the local vape shop. This will most definitely lead to cigarettes once again. You cannot have this attitude when selecting your purchase. You have to keep in mind the same rules apply to this as anything else. You get what you pay for!

There are several options as to the device and e-liquid. My personal favorite being the mechanical mod. This device is very simple to use with only three primary pieces (without getting too deep), but more for the experienced vaper. The reason being is mod's are made to handle better tanks and larger internal rechargeable batteries. Better tanks lead to more vapor produced and a much higher quality in flavor. The other main option is you typical generic e-cig you have surely seen. This is a small, rechargeable, cylindrical device with a 510 threaded connection at the end where you would place your tank. Although not terrible for the beginner, it will never be able to produce the quality a mod will.

On to the tank. The tank is the portion where you fill your liquid of choice. The beginner tank is either a cartomizer or atomizer. Very easily used and can be shown at you local vape shop. The type of tank I use is referred to as a automatic dripper Kayfun (highly recommended for the more experienced). There are hundreds, if not thousands of liquids available in store and online. Remember you get what you pay for! I started with low-mid level liquids, and now I am vaping what I consider the best of them all. As for liquids, I keep a full inventory of tobacco and novelty liquids such as:

Most of my liquids are are organic but to name a few,

'Neptune'- A mix of Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla

'Lions Mane' A mix of Tobacco and Organic Honey

'Mister-Y'- A mystery blend by creator

'Blue Voodoo'- A mix of several flavors leading to a exceptional blueberry taste

Those are only a few of my own personal stock as it is steadily growing. I strongly encourage anyone who smokes to give this option a strong try. As we all know there are issues with the FDA at the moment regarding the safety of this product. I will not be engaging myself into that conversation, as it absolutely absurd and obviously biased towards money hungry Big Tobacco. The TWO main ingredients in e-liquid speak for themselves regarding the comparison to the number of poisons in cigarettes.
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