2014 NFL Top Draft Picks

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Mel Kiper Jr., Jon Gruden, Steve Young, Tom jackson, and Chris BermanBy: Marianne O'Leary
It's time yet again for the NFL Draft. The time that all young athletes have been anticipating, for what seems like forever to them. And just like always, there are more than enough star prospects this year. Of course, almost everyone has been talking about 'Texas A&M' quarterback 'Johnny Manziel'. Although he has allot of talk, that doesn't mean it's all good things. Some say he is highly overrated and is too flashy for his own good. He does things that point to him trying to be in the spotlight way too much. He has also caught allot of heat about his size as a potential NFL player. He sits right at 6'1 which some think is about a foot short of where he needs to be. I disagree with that perspective of where you should be. There are several amazing players in the NFL that are under six foot by several inches, and they are known for being "beasts" in the game.

With that being said, there is also a very large group favorable to Manziel. They say he has a very desirable set of skills including being able to get out of trouble in the pocket. Mike Mayock of the NFL Draft Network, says he has that "It" factor that not so many have this year. I understand where the star in him shows, but also understand he has allot of various weak points. It takes allot of skill to be able to get where he is, but it takes much more to get to that next level where he seems to want to be.

No doubt, there are several teams this year that desperately need a good quaterback. One of the teams that have rumored their interest is the 'New York Giants'. It is still up in the air as to if they will pursue this, but it has been said they will highly consider if he is dropped to No. 12 in the first round. I'm sure what would be very bitter sweet to Manziel, is getting passed up by a highly pronounced team and getting picked up by a team such as the 'Cleveland Browns' or 'Jacksonville'. He would still make it, but more than likely not quite where he wanted to be.

Manziel is not the only high sought after draft this year. This years list is filled with some my own favored top picks including:

Jadeveon Clowney- Defensive End South Carolina

Jake Mathews- Offensive Tackle Texas A&M

Mike Evans- Wide Receiver Texas A&M

Anthony Barr- Outside Linebacker UCLA

Taylor Lewan- Offensive Tackle Michigan
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