What Has Happened to Conan?

Mon Apr 14, 2014 13:17:20PM | Categories: Conan O'Brien
What has happened to Conan O'Brien? This is a question I asked myself more than once last night as I watched the MTV Movie Awards that the comedian hosted. The former 'Late Night' icon, who justifiably had the right to be jaded after his historic crash and burn as host of 'The Tonight Show,' just didn't seem like the comedian I used stay up late and watch during my teenage years. He was trying too hard and didn't look comfortable throughout the show.

The problem with a personality like Conan O'Brien hosting the MTV Movie Awards is that most of the teenagers watching the show had no idea who he was. Conan is an icon in the eyes of people my age, but the teenagers who watch the MTV Movie Awards had most likely never watched him during his prime years at NBC. They don't watch 'The Simpson's' and possibly never knew that he hosted one of the best late night shows around for a decade.

It pains me to see one of my favorite comedians like I did last night. Conan has gone from being on top of his game to someone who doesn't seem comfortable in his own skin. It is understandable after all he has been through, but I do question how MTV thought that he was the right fit for the demographic that tends to watch the MTV Movie Awards.
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