It's Time For The NHL Playoffs

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Sharks v. Predators [NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2006, Game IIIBy: _e.t
It's that time of the year again, and I couldn't be more excited. There's something about a good hockey game that is more exciting than almost any other sport. Of course I have always been a fan of the best team there is, the 'Chicago Blackhawks'. There are many fans for this team that jumped on board right after they won as underdog against the 'Philadelphia Flyers' a few years back. But no, not me. I was there with them ever since I first got into hockey.

With that being said, the Stanley cup playoffs are fast approaching. There are many sports with the same bracket and seeding system, but the NHL has a few differences. For those of you who do not know, this year has a slightly different structure than last, so here's a breakdown of how the bracketology works:

Out of all, 16 teams will make the playoffs in each conference.

The best three teams in each division take 12 of the 16 slots.

There are four divisions, Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific.

The final four seeds are up for grabs among any division in each conference.

The best in the conference, would still play the team with the eighth most amount of points, the second wild card.

The second division winner will play the first wild card.

The 3-6 seeds will automatically face someone within that division. Which means the second vs. third place teams in each division, makes up two of the first round matchups in each conference.

Although it seems confusing, watching the games take place explains all. It's like a board game, you have to watch but will surely learn as you go. Like always, I will be cheering for the 'Blackhawks' to take it home. But they definitely have their work cut out for them this year.
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