April Fools in a High Tech World 2014

Tue Apr 01, 2014 05:34:05AM

April Fools' Day Prank in Copenhagen, 2001
April Fool’s day is here, and with it, the internet pranks. Hi-tech companies have started going to great lengths to have a little fun. In 2004, the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft announced they were introducing the two-headed ogre as a playable race and that 2 players would have to cooperate to control one character. In 2012, Google released and 8-bit version of their map software. And in 2013 YouTube announced it was shutting down for 10 years to find “The Best Video on the Internet” and Reddit.com divided it’s community and the debate between the Orangereds and Periwinkles began. It's still early in the day, but the industry is already starting to deliver.

Google Maps has announced a new job position, Pokemon Master. In order to qualify for this job, you must scour the globe (on your Google Maps App) to find all the pokemon that are hiding around the world. If you catch all 150 by April 2, 2 AM PDT, then you will enter the final hiring round and be invited to the Googleplex. If you survive the Googleplex, then you will start you new position as Google’s Pokemon Master on Sept. 1.

Reddit has introduced “Headdit” a facial recognition feature that will allow users to upvote, downvote, open links, and navigate their site using only facial cues. It also has a special feature for it’s feline loving audience. Just hold your cat up to the webcam!

CERN has also announced that it is switching it’s official font use to the infamous Comic Sans. CERN is ready to update their image as they approach the 60 year mark. From CERN’s official announcement "This is an important year for CERN and we wanted to make a bold visual statement," says CERN Head of Communications James Gillies. "We thought the most effective way to communicate our research into the fundamental structure of matter at the very boundaries of technology was by changing the font." For Gillies, Comic Sans says: 'This is a serious laboratory, with a serious research agenda.' - "And it makes the letters look all round and squishy," he adds.”

Google’s internet browser, Chrome, has unleashed Chromecast, a feature exclusive for squirrels and squirrel content. No longer with these tree dwelling rodents be forced to suffer through human oriented programing. It’s a new day for squirrels everywhere.

2014 April Fool’s Day is shaping up nicely and I look forward to seeing what else gets shot out our way.
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