Second HBO Season Of 'Vice'- Finally Real News

Mon Mar 17, 2014 08:03:01AM | Categories: Vice
'Vice' is a HBO series that portrays a shocking look into highly controversial topics such as child suicide bombings, political assassinations, America's poorly distributed sources (money, vehicles, power plants, and other aid) to other countries, and demographic subjects. I recently watched my first episode of this show two days ago, and was very impressed by the manor in which they deliver the information. The show is obviously a documentary, but in a way that makes you believe the host Shane Smith of 'Vice Magazine' is just a normal guy walking around with access to anywhere, asking the questions every one else is afraid to ask.

The show was created and hosted by Smith and produced by Bill Maher. Although Shane seems to be the main front-man for the show, other correspondents/host are Suroosh Alvi, Ryan Duffy, and Thomas Morton. It uses information fed by journalist Fareed Zakaria, and he definitely does not fail to produce viable, hard hitting information.

The show has gotten both positive and negative reviews, seeing that is takes a different perspective on these issues and how it shows them to the world. The episode that I had the pleasure of seeing was named 'Afghan Money Pit & The Pacification Of Rio'. It is no secret that our country has issues with what we delegate our budget to, and how we use our own resources and money to fund other countries. In this episode, 'Vice' made it outrageously clear that our aid (in some parts) of Afghanistan is completely disrespected and laughed at. We spend millions to deliver industrial vehicles, generators, etc, etc... and an interview at a local junkyard where all of these lay now, shows the motors have been taken out, cut to make non-operable, sold for scrap, and then they re-invoice for a new one... The man who ran the yard when asked the question, "You know this is wrong right? To take the aid of Americans and destroy to counterfeit invoices?" The man simply half smirked and said "Yes"... Another portion of the show spoke of a large power plant built in Afghanistan costing a pretty $300 million dollars, that is inoperable to this day. There is 10 million dollars worth of diesel fuel sitting in a tank for the generators ready to go... yet we are sending 10 million dollars more of diesel to this plant now. Did I mention the plant has never even been used once?

This show has packed a large amount of great information into its time slot on HBO, and has done it with great style. Unfortunately I can't see everyone liking the show, due to different beliefs about certain aspects of our country and others. Check it out, either way I guarantee you that you will not finish the episode without raising an eyebrow.
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