Florida Earns Number One Overall Seed in Wide Open NCAA Tournament

Sun Mar 16, 2014 13:48:11PM | Categories:
The long awaited bracket for the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament was just released. Florida, Virginia, Wichita State, and Arizona all earned number one seeds. The Florida Gators are the number one overall seed, which isn't a big surprise considering they were number one in the final AP and USA Today polls and won their conference championship earlier today in a nail biter against Kentucky.

Villanova lost the chance for a sure fire number one seed after their stunning loss to Seton Hall and Louisville seemed to get snubbed with a number four seed even after winning their conference tournament and being ranked fifth in the nation in the latest poll. Kansas earned a questionable number two spot after losing in the Big 12 Conference semifinals, as did Wisconsin even after losing in the Big Ten semifinal game.

This should be an interesting tournament because there is no powerhouse team that is destined to win. All four of the number one seeds have a real chance of blowing it in the round of 32 or 16, so it really is anyone's tournament to win. I personally think that's a great thing because there's nothing better than having to wait until the championship to actually know who's going to win.
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