'The Bachelor' Season Finale Recap: I kinda felt sorry for Juan Pablo

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The hit ABC dating show 'The Bachelor' presents one eligible man with a roomful of eligible (and sometimes overtly desperate) women. The drama stems from the elimination format of dates; with each passing episode, ladies are eliminated until the show culminates into the finale, where the bachelor of the season ultimately picks one of the women that he likes the most. Ideally, ABC and the audience want the show to end in a heartfelt "I Love You" from said bachelor to the lucky lady contestant. Even more ideally, he would propose. And all of this would wrap up a fairy tale-esque affair (that in reality only lasts a total of 10 weeks time).

This year, The Bachelor was a man named Juan Pablo. And unfortunately for ABC, the millions that tune in every week, and the snarky host of the show Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo did not declare any 'I Love You''s to the woman he ultimately chose, nor did he propose. This has a majority of the viewers and critics deeming this Bachelor and this season of the program one of the worst (if not THE worst) in the show's 18 year history. I find that laughable, and irritating.

I understand that Juan Pablo signed up to be a part of a paparazzi whirl wind. He signed up for a show on the premise that he was out to find a potential wife, both for himself and his little daughter. It appears his attentions were admirable. Or at least as admirable as someone that is willing to star in a season on a reality show can be.

The women viewers ultimately turned on Juan Pablo because they collectively felt that he wasn't being direct or open with any of them, and it seemed as though he was more into looking for a good potential girlfriend, than a potential wife. They disliked him because he wouldn't say that he was in love with the contestant that he chose, a very attractive blonde named Nikki. It also didn't help that Nikki said that she was indeed in love with Juan Pablo, and she said it multiple times throughout the last few episodes of the season.

Here's my take on the matter: the show only lasts 10 weeks. And once ABC airs the final pre-recorded footage in the season's final episode, the real world bachelor and his choice have only known each other for a collective 4 months. I get that in four months a man can fall in love with his girlfriend. But, just as often, it takes longer. Perhaps Juan Pablo just doesn't want to throw that word around, to cheapen it. (or maybe he is what everyone says he is, sort of a dimwit and not such a nice guy). Either way, I was very put off by the season finale episode. Chris Harrison and the audience just could not accept that even though Juan Pablo and Nikki were still together months after the show's cameras stopped rolling, the fact that he couldn't say those 3 magic words, let alone propose makes him and the season a substantial let down for most everyone.

The show's supposed to end with a ring and a tear, Juan Pablo! Didn't you know that there are about 10 million women sitting on their couch waiting for you to be ultra romantic and become the Prince Charming that every fairy tale ending needs?!? How dare you be real. Shame, Juan Pablo, shame on you. ...'The Bachelor' is a silly program. I watched the final episode (and a few more here and there) due to my roommates' obsession with it and her impressive ability to monopolize the living room flat screen when her shows are on. (Only fair. I owned the room during the premiere of 'Cosmos'; good compromise in my eyes.) I decided to write this to sort of stick up for Juan Pablo, because after watching it all play out, I did end up feeling a bit sorry for the guy. And I realize that opinion is of the minority.
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