Curling AKA "Chess on Ice"

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If you were to ask the average Canadian what 'curling' was, they would more than likely give you a detailed explanation of the sport, including their optimism toward playing. Now.. if you were to ask the average American, they would either not have a clue, or laugh and simply say, 'That's not a sport!'. Well, I consider this to be from a lack of knowledge, or from never actually playing the game. It is a fun, exciting, infuriating task to do what this year's Olympians do so well.

The basics of the game:
Curling has been around for centuries. This game involves 8 total players divided into two teams of 4. The object is to essentially slide a 40 lb stone down a slippery path into a large circle. Sounds easy right? Wrong. In fact, this is a very difficult thing to do when all of the variables are taken into consideration. Firstly, your are trying to propel a very heavy stone on 23 degree ice with enough force to slide at least 140 ft, but yet keep it in a small critical area to gain points or take away from other players. To slow down the stone or gain speed, you have "sweepers" which sweep a pathway. The skip, or captain of the team decides how heavy the stone needs to be in order to complete the task at hand and what strategy to take on that specific turn. In order to win the game, your team must land more stones closer to the center of the target than the opposing team.

I would assume the main reason this sport is not as socially played here (in the U.S) as I would like, is the amount of money and tedious attention one official playing area requires. Unless of course you want to do it the old fashion way? You can always wait until winter rolls around and set up on the smoothest street/pond you can find. In that case, more power to you!
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