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Chicago's Fullerton Harbor during a 2011 winter blizzardChicago's Fullerton Harbor during a 2011 winter blizzardBy: Victorgrigas

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  • Since I am currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Hilo about a mile from bay front, I thought I would put my time to use (while hunkered down) blogging about a first hand account with Hurricane's Iselle and Julio. I plan to do this blog like an updating journal entry.
  • The Australian Open for tennis has happened every year since it's inception back in 1905. And it's just like any other sporting event in the sense that headlines typically read very generic: So and so wins big. Upset in the making. Underdog prevails! The streak continues.. and so on and so forth. But this year, that's not really where the story was at.

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