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04/14/17If Trump Fired Bannon, Would He Seek Revenge?politico.com
When Steve Bannon vacated a home in Florida in 2015, his landlord complained that an entire Jacuzzi had apparently been coated in acid. After conservative media star Dana Loesch left Bannon’s employ at Breitbart News in 2012, she filed a suit against the website, alleging a plot to “sabotage” her career. When Bannon failed to take over the Biosphere 2 ecology experiment in 1993, he “vowed profanely to take revenge” on a scientist who crossed him, according to the woman’s lawyer. And when Bannon was breaking up with his seco...
08/23/152016 elections: My summer with Bernie and Trumppolitico.com
The breakout stars of 2015 are two old white guys from the outer boroughs of New York, and I’ve had access to the hottest tickets in town. It is the summer of America’s discontent, and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have tapped into a deep vein of anti-Washington frustration to capture a quarter of their (both adopted) parties’ voters and taken their country by surprise.