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  • Benjamin Netanyahu's reelection left many of those who desperately want a peaceful solution to the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a sense of despair. The Prime Minister's victory, in many peoples eyes, virtually closes the door on any resolution between the two sides for the foreseeable future with no way of knowing when or if talks between the two sides will start again.
  • Who exactly is in charge of American foreign policy? President Obama or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Any middle-school aged student would easily be able to answer this, but the Republican Congress seems to think differently.
  • Imagine the top opposition leader in America being gunned down by an assassin outside of the United States Capitol building. Then imagine the President assuming control of the inquiry into the assassination of his fiercest critic who just happens to be one in a long line of critics that meets an untimely demise.
  • What is it like knowing that you are fourth in line to a throne that stretches back to 871 AD? One lucky individual is about to find out after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they are expecting their second child. Their new child will fall behind Princes Charles, William, and George in line of succession to the throne.
  • While much has been made of the recent tensions in Ukraine, not much time has been spent parsing through how Ukraine, Russia, and The West got to this point. Ukraine has found itself in the most recent tug of war between the East and West and the end game is currently anyone's guess.Ukraine's economy has been struggling and on the verge of collapse for the past decade, if not longer.
  • I believe President Barack Obama should have attended the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics, or at the least sent Joe Biden and Michelle.
  • Drones, anti-missile systems, 40,000 police officers, 30,000 military personnel and 30,000 additional security.. these are the precautions Vladimir Putin has set in place for the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi, Russia. He is calling these security measures the "ring of steel".

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  • Last Week Tonight: iTunes, Assad, and Right Said Fred
    Last Week Tonight: iTunes, Assad, and Right Said FredSun Jun 08, 2014
    Right Said Fred (really!) appears on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to tell Syrian president Bashar al-Assad what a dick he is. It's going to be especially disappointing to Assad,...
  • Syria's Assad pays Easter visit to recaptured Christian town
    Syria's Assad pays Easter visit to recaptured Christian townSun Apr 20, 2014
    Photographs on Syrian President Bashar al Assad's social media pages show him on a visit to the ancient Christian town of Maaloula on Easter Sunday. Mana Rabiee reports.
  • UN Withdraws Iran Invite to Syria Peace Talks
    UN Withdraws Iran Invite to Syria Peace TalksMon Jan 20, 2014
    After issuing an invitation to Iran to join the Syrian peace talks, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has withdrawn that invitation amid mounting concerns over Iran's partic...
  • Kerry: Decision on Syria 'not a game'
    Kerry: Decision on Syria 'not a game'Thu Sep 19, 2013
    Secretary of State John Kerry issued a brief statement on Syria Thursday, saying the U.N. report proves that the Assad regime used the chemical weapons, not the rebel forces. He added...