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  • More than 600 bodies have been recovered from the garment-factory building that collapsed more than a week ago, police said Sunday as the grim recovery work continued in one of the worst industrial accidents in history. Police said Sunday night that the death toll had reached 622. More than 200 bodies have been recovered since Wednesday, when authorities said 149 people had been listed as missing. The stench of decomposing bodies permeated the air as the eight-story Rana Plaza building lay in ruins, and it is anyone’s guess how many victims remain to be recovered.
  • At least 380 people were killed when the illegally-constructed, 8-story Rana Plaza collapsed in a heap on Wednesday morning along with thousands of workers in the five garment factories in the building.
  • As rescuers struggled on Thursday to reach survivors in one of the worst manufacturing disasters in history, pointed questions were being raised about why a Bangladesh factory building was not padlocked after terrified workers notified the police, government officials and a powerful garment industry group about cracks in the walls.

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