Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Andrew Prokop

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02/16/17The 5 biggest disagreements Republicans have on Obamacarevox.com
Deep uncertainty and serious divisions within the Republican coalition about the way forward on Obamacare have surfaced in the new Congress, and they’ve put the future of repeal and replace in doubt.
07/26/16Bernie Sanders's DNC speech methodically dismantled the "Bernie or Bust" argumentvox.com
And intriguingly, Sanders suggested he'd try to hold her feet to the fire once she got into office.
07/25/16What to expect at the Democratic National Conventionvox.com
Speakers will include Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama.
06/13/16The case for, and the case against, Elizabeth Warren as Clinton’s VP pickvox.com
Political insiders used to scoff at the idea that Hillary Clinton would choose Elizabeth Warren for her running mate. But over the past few weeks, there’s been increasing chatter and speculation that it’s a real possibility.