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  • Mar 06 2017
    ACLU Will Sue Over New Trump Travel Ban
    Donald Trump signed a revised version of his infamous travel ban Monday morning. The new executive order excludes one country from the original ban – Iraq, which the administration says has implemented new vetting measures since the first order was written – and exempts legal green card holders, among other tweaks.
  • If you’ve followed Ferguson coverage at all this week, you’re likely aware of video showing an officer pointing his rifle directly at unarmed protestors while threatening “I will fucking kill you!” When reporters and protestors demanded he give his name and badge number, he responded with an ever-so-subtle “Go fuck yourself!” The Missouri branch of the American Civil Liberties Union was rightfully incensed by such pitifully poor cop work that they submitted a letter to Missouri Highway Patrol demanding that Officer Go Fuck Yourself be removed from duty in Ferguson:
  • Two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that a federal ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, the American Civil Liberties Union is bringing that decision to the state level. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the group is filing a lawsuit against Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban.