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  • It's Déjà vu All Over Again; Obama Prepares the Nation For War With ISIS
    While the rumors of America's impending return to active hostilities in the Middle East have been getting louder by the day, I continued to hold out hope that the President would resist the headwinds and use his prime time address to educate the nation how it is impossible to defeat an ideology with bombs and missiles alone.
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  • For two and a half years, Air Force Capt. Blake Sellers donned a green U.S. Air Force flight suit, and motored across barren Wyoming grassland in sun, rain, sleet or blizzard, for 24-hour shifts, 60 feet below ground, in a fluorescent-lit buried capsule. Sellers was one of the roughly 600 officers, known as missileers, who are responsible for launching America's 450 nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each ICBM in the arsenal is capable of rocketing to the other side of the planet in 30 minutes or less and incinerating 65 square miles. Missileers are the human beings who have agreed to render whole cities — like Moscow, Tehran or Pyongyang, but really anywhere there is civilization— into, in the jargon of the base, smokin' holes.
  • The Air Force's mysterious, unmanned X-37B is about to come back to Earth after more than two years in orbit.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson says it's "crazy" that the U.S. Air Force will now allow servicemen and women to omit the words "so help me God" from official oaths. “What is wrong with the Air Force?" he beseeched viewers on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s "The 700 Club" on Thursday. The Air Force announced the policy change this week, after an atheist airman in Nevada crossed out the words on his re-enlistment paperwork. Officials initially refused to accept the man's papers; but after reviewing the case, the Department of Defense General Counsel eventually ruled that the airman could leave out the phrase if he wanted. "All of the other military services have allowed the alternate language for years," The Associated Press reports.
  • The U.S. military backed up the Obama administration's vow to keep Islamic militants in Iraq out of a key northern city with at least one 500-pound laser-guided bomb dropped from American F/A-18 fighter jets on Friday.
  • The office of the senator leading the charge to change how the military handles sexual assaults says Jane Neubauer’s case shows why reform is needed. The story of Airman Jane Neubauer, who was allegedly raped and then hung out to dry by the Air Force, is one of many that show why Congress must reform the way sexual assault cases are handled by the military. Two leading advocates for military-sexual assault reform reacted to Neubauer’s story and discussed the Senate vote expected this week on the issue.
  • Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly got into a heated exchange with an atheist activist during Wednesday evening’s broadcast. During a “Kelly File” segment on a campaign to remove the phrase, “so help me God,” from the U.S. Air Force Academy’s honor oath, guest Mikey Weinstein thanked the host for inviting him into “Fox world.”

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